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Sel Lemak dan Peranannya dalam Penyakit

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Title Sel Lemak dan Peranannya dalam Penyakit
Creator Ika Fidianingsih
Description It is well know that adipose tissue mass increase greatly in obesity. In Indonesia obesity prevalence tends to increase. It raised the risk of morbidity and total cost attributable to obesity related disease. The adipose tissue is energy storage, fatty acids being released when fuel is required. It is now adipose tissue expresses and secretes factors with impotant endicrine functions. These factor include adiponectin, adipsin, leptin, protein of the renin-angiotensin system, plasminogen activator-1, other cytokines and resistin. A better understanding of the endocrine function of adipose tissue will give evidence of links between increased productios of some adipocyte factors and the metabolic and cardiovascular complications of obesity.Keywords: adipose tissue, obesity, endocrine organ
Publisher Jurnal Ilmiah Farmasi
Date 2009-05-26
Type Peer-reviewed Article
Format application/pdf
Source Jurnal Ilmiah Farmasi; Vol 4, No 2 (2007)
Language en