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Bioactive Constituents From The Leaves of Melastoma Malabathricum L

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Title Bioactive Constituents From The Leaves of Melastoma Malabathricum L
Creator Deny Susanti
Hasnah M. Sirat
Farediah Ahmad
Rasadah Mat Ali
Description Phytochemical and bioactivity studies of the leaves of Melastoma malabathricum L. (Melastomataceae) have been investigated. The n-hexane extract yielded -amyrin, patriscabatrine and auranamide, ethyl acetate extract gave quercetin and quercitrin, and methanol extract gave quercitrin and kaempferol-3-O-(2rdquo;,6rdquo;-di-O-p-trans-coumaroyl)glucoside. The crude extracts and isolated compounds were screened for their antioxidant and cytotoxic activities. The antioxidant assay was carried out by FTC and DPPH radical scavenging method. Kaempferol-3-O-(2rdquo;,6rdquo;-di-O-p-trans-coumaroyl)-glucoside, quercetin and quercitrin showed strong activities with inhibition more than 90% in the FTC method. Quercetin was found to be the most active as radical scavenger in DPPH method with IC50 of 0.69 M. -Amyrin and kaempferol-3-O-(2rdquo;,6rdquo;-di-O-p-trans-coumaroyl)glucoside demonstrated the strongest activities in the anti-inflammatory assay of TPA mouse ear oedema with IC50 of 0.11 and 0.34 mM/ear, respectively. Keywords: Antiinflammatory, Antioxidant, Flavonoids, Melastomataceae, Melastoma malabathricum, Terpenoid
Publisher Jurnal Ilmiah Farmasi
Date 2009-05-25
Type Peer-reviewed Article
Format application/pdf
Source Jurnal Ilmiah Farmasi; Vol 5, No 1 (2008)
Language en