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Peran Bahasa dalam Hidup Bernegara dalam Kajian Ilmu Antropologi

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Title Peran Bahasa dalam Hidup Bernegara dalam Kajian Ilmu Antropologi
Creator Nugroho Trisnu Brata
Description This  paper are explained about  language function with  fungtionalism approach. In general ethnic group  known as a tribe or community with the same of identity or tradition. Identity of  the ethnicgroup are patterns of kinship, marital, religion, home architecture, settlement, language etc. Language  is one of the identity and became a collective identity of ethnic. But language can be a nation identity not just an ethnic identity. One of the characteristic of Indonesia is Bahasa Indonesia as a national identity or national language. Based of Bahasa Indonesia is Melayu tradition, its called  Bahasa  Melayu. Bahasa Indonesia more flexible and familiar, because Bahasa Indonesia can be used easly in other ethnic with own dialogue. Bahasa Indonesia in Betawi called Betawi dialect, in South Sulawesi is Makasar dialect, in Palembang is Palembang dialect, in Manado is Manado dialect or east Indonesian dialect etc. Ferdinand de Saussure said this phenomena as the “parole” of  language aspect. The standart of  Bahasa Indonesia in the Saussurean context called “langue” aspect. The “langue” is the focus of  linguistic science. The “langue” is social fact, it means the “langue” is own of  collective community and  above from individual  fact. The “parole” is individual  fact. The mass media like television broadcasting (TVRI and private TV) are the important channel to promote this socialitation of using Bahasa Indonesia correctly.Key words: language, fungtion, integration, identity
Publisher Jurnal Unisia
Jurnal Unisia
Date 2009-04-07
Type Peer-reviewed Article
Format application/pdf
Source Jurnal Unisia; Vol 31, No 65 (2008)
Jurnal Unisia; Vol 31, No 65 (2008)
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