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Mensiasati Ideologi Neoliberal dalam Pendidikan

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Title Mensiasati Ideologi Neoliberal dalam Pendidikan
Creator Ilyya Muhsin
Description When globalization put in education, cultural and economic, it was expansion to instile western ideology and brain washing for people in the underdeveloping countries like indonesai. Ironically, the goverment legitimed foreign higher education in Indonesia. There was dillemating choice that the present of foreign higher education in Indonesia, at the one hand make education more competitive riching quality, and the other hand, occure an indoctrination of ideology neoliberalism. Western life standart to be the complete opposite of produce civilization in the nation without balancing of local culture must be permanent. This article trais to discuse the fight of westren ideology wich developing in education, exacly for currents issues. Kata Kunci: Komersialisasi Pendidikan, Perguruan Tinggi Asing, Globalisasi
Publisher Jurnal Unisia
Jurnal Unisia
Date 2009-03-20
Type Peer-reviewed Article
Format application/pdf
Source Jurnal Unisia; Vol 31, No 67 (2008)
Jurnal Unisia; Vol 31, No 67 (2008)
Language en