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Efisiensi Ekonomis Pengeluaran Pembangunan di Indonesia 1969-2000

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Title Efisiensi Ekonomis Pengeluaran Pembangunan di Indonesia 1969-2000
Creator Jaka Sriyana
Description This research aim to know performance management of expenditure of development in Indonesia in range of time 1969-2000. The performance measured with approach of productivity koefisiens expenditure development which is economic efficiency discription and loss welfare which expressing keslahan in budget allocation. Method used analysis is approach of corrective model mistake to measure productivity coefficient and also approach of function losing of prosperity (loss welfare function) to measure mistake of budget allocation. Result of analysis obtained that productivity coefficient relative is low, that is 35,8 while mistake of budget allocation also high relative, that is reaching 32.60 % from totalizeing governmental budget. Result of this study indicate that efficiency management of development budget in Indonesia relative lower.keyword : performance, development, budget
Publisher Jurnal Fenomena
Date 2009-08-27
Type Peer-reviewed Article
Source Jurnal Fenomena; Vol 1, No 2 (2003)
Language en